Friday, June 4, 2010


Aaah. . .,,
I want to share something,,
And I think I can share it here,,
Althought I think it's not important for you, but I think it's important for me,,
Because I can't just cerish this feeling,,
I don't want to get mad,,
Well, let's see. . .

What do you feel?
- I feel so nervous

- Because tomorrow I'll have an interview

What kind of interview?
- That interview is the second stage of Bina Antarbudaya selection

Why do you have to do that interview?
- Because I want to try to join one of its programs

What program?
- Jenesys

What's that?
- A program which send some students from Indonesia to go to Japan for 2 weeks or a year

If you feel so nervous, do you still want to go to that interview?
- Of course

So, you think that you can control that feeling?
- Maybe

- I have to be brave, think positive, and believe in my self. That is a must

Why do you think if that is a must?
- Because if I always feel nervous, I'll be afraid. Afraid to face everything which will face me tomorrow. So, I have to be brave and think positive about tomorrow

Are you sure?
- Yes

What is your wish for tomorrow?
- I hope I can do my best tomorrow, because if I do my best, InsyaAllah I'll get the best for myself,,
I hope I can control my feeling,,
Then, I hope I can pass it well, so I can continue to the next stage,,

Ok,, Good Luck!
- Thanks

Hey what do you think after read the conversation above?
I hope you don't think if I'm mad or something like that,,
Because that was a real conversation between my mind and my hearth,,
Hahaha. . .

I feel nervous, so I need a media to express it,,
Then, I think blog is the right one (finally, because I confused to choose between blog, book, fb, or just cherish it),,

I'm sorry if you think that you just waste your time to read my not important post,,
But now, I feel better now,,
I feel not too worry anymore (even thought I still feel a little nervous),,

I hope this post can motivated everyone who have almost same problem,,
And thank you for everyone who have read this post,,

Thank you,,
Terima kasih. . .

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