Saturday, June 5, 2010

Interview Experience

I feel so relieve now,,
Do you know why?
Because the interview has just passed well,,

I want to share my experience here,,

This morning, I got my interview,,
It was a part of test which I had to do to join Jenesys program,,
I had this interview in STIKOM,,

Let's read my experience...

I was so nervous before,,
Especially when they called me to start the interview,,
I felt so nervous,,
But, I knew that I had to be brave,,
I couldn't go back anymore,,
It was my turn,,

Then, one of the commitee asked me to enter the room,,
I saw three men inside,,
It was natural if I felt more nervous when I entered the room,,
But, I didn't know why I felt better,,
I felt like I heard something whispered "Don't be afraid. It will be okay",,
Then, I felt more comfort,,

The interview was good,,
It didn't like what I was thingking about,,
They asked me some questions (but, I can't tell you guys) and I could answered it good (I thought),,
They made me enjoyed the conversation,,
They made me felt comfort,,
I thought, they were good interviewers,,
Then, they gave me some propositions,,
They said "You should be very proud because you are the special one. You're special one because you can join this interview".,,
They were right, I was very proud to attend this interview,,
After that, one of them tell me "Oya, salam untuk mamamu. Beliau kan kerja di UK Petra. Nah, saya dulu alumni UK Petra". (what? I couldn't believe that he would say that),,
Because of the limited time, they had to end this interview,,
And that was the end of the interview,,

I felt so relieved,,
Because, I've just passed the interview,,
But, I still feel a little worry,,
Because the result will be announced next week,,

I hope I can continue till the next stage,,
And then, I hope I can join that program,,
I hope I always can do the best,,
I wish...

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